Online ISSN: 2577-5669

A Systematic Review of Trials Investigating the Efficacy of Physical Therapy Management on Functional Capacity, Psychological Well-Being, And Quality of Life in Post COVID-19-Patients

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Ahmed Abdelmoniem Ibrahim, Alanoud Abdulaziz H Alolyan , Amal Eid H Alshammari , Ruba Ahmed M Almohammadi , Shatha Faisal J Altamimi , Sarah Mansour S Alotaibi , Fai Abdullah A Alrashdi , Sadeem Abdalmanem K Alshamri , Faris Mardha S. Alshammari , Khalid Ayad S Alanazi ,Ibrahim Metwally Dewir , Amany Raafat Mohamed ,Hisham Mohamed Hussein
» doi: 10.5455/jcmr.2024.15.01.08


Objective: this study was conducted to determine the effect of therapeutic exercises on functional capacity, Psychological well-being, and life quality in post-COVID-19 patients. Data sources: CINAHL, SCOPUS, Web of Science, MEDLINE, ProQuest, PEDRO, and Google Scholar databases were searched for trials published between January 2020 and may 2023. Study selection: the selected studies involved any type of exercise applied to patients who recovered from COVID-19 infection. Data extraction: Two authors screened articles, extracted data, and assessed the quality by PEDro scale. Opinion from other authors was used to resolve any conflict. the level of evidence for each outcome was measured by the modified Sackett Scale. Data synthesis: Out of 5089 hits, 14 trials included with 1473 patients. The period of the treatment ranged from one week to 12 weeks. The quality of studies ranged from good (10 studies) to fair (4 studies) According to the Pedro scale. All trials had a positive effect on the evaluated outcomes. Conclusion: Therapeutic exercises for post-COVID-19 patients improve functional capacity and quality of life and achieve beneficial clinical outcomes. It is still important to conduct high-quality evidence research examining exercise's effects in the future.

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